Using more than words to tell your brand's story

Branded content is one of the most effective ways to engage and inform audiences. Readers are more likely to become your customers after they are entertained or they learned something from a piece of content.

Using more than words to tell your brand's story

Because of the growth of content marketing, there are many more ways to get a message across to readers than using just words. One of the most effective ways is to use alternate forms of content to tell stories, such as visual and interactive content, which is leading the charge toward the future of branded content.

According to CEROS, a design platform for interactive content, click-through rates (CTR) are significantly impacted when the content is interactive. In their research they found that a standard call-to-action motivates just over 6% of readers to click through to the next page. On the other hand, animated infographics that illicit a similar call-to-action received close to double the clicks - that brought the CTR to 10%.

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The research also found that the average session for static B2B content was one minute and 57 seconds, with static B2C coming in at an average of two minutes and 57 seconds.

But when the B2B and B2C content was made interactive, those numbers increased dramatically. Infographics like this averaged three and a half minutes, while interactive games like this one averaged a whopping four and a half minutes.

The success is not only at a granular level, either. Brands that have used interactive visuals have reported an 80% increase in dwell times, a 22% increase in conversions and a 10-fold increase in click-throughs.

It is for that reason that you should consider implementing interactive formats into your branded content portfolio. If you’re interested in learning more about specific content marketing formats that can bring your brand to life, contact a digital strategist at the Inquirer Solutions Group today at

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