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Inquirer Events connect you to our audience before, during and after each event by leveraging our print, digital and social capabilities before you even walk in the door.

2019 Events Calendar


Thought Leadership Programs

Brand Awareness Solutions

Whether it’s tax reform, the opioid epidemic or entrepreneurship, the Inquirer can create meaningful content-driven conversations that position your company as the leader in a specific industry or area of expertise resulting in brand awareness and leads for your business.

Award Recognition Programs

New Business Development Solutions

Connect with the region’s most talented leaders across industries ranging from finance, law, technology, healthcare and real estate by building relationships with Inquirer award winners.

Custom Sponsorship Programs

Turnkey Solutions

You’re busy running your own business but passionately serve as a key stakeholder of a non-profit event or association program that requires additional support. Enlist Inquirer Events to produce your program while maintaining your vision throughout the entire experience.

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"Event sponsorship through Inquirer Solutions always proves to be a beneficial investment for our firm. Countless branding opportunities, introductions to Philadelphia’s decision makers and remarkable customer service are just a few of the reasons that we truly value our partnership with The Inquirer Solutions Group. We hope to work with them for years to come!"
Cynthia St. Pierre
Vice President of Marketing at MassMutual Greater Philadelphia