Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) brings together the best of both worlds of Direct and Programmatic digital media buying.  It runs on the ad server level, which allows advertisers to use the same targeting options as with Direct campaigns. Yet it also gives buyers additional options typically available through programmatic Demand Side Platforms.
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Early Access to Premium Inventory

Buyers can secure inventory that the is deemed valuable for their campaigns.

Optimizations with Unified Insights

Buyers can consolidate their campaign’s data points and optimize in real-time.

Efficient Targeting

Buy side programmatic tools gives advertisers the ability to layer in first and third-party data allowing for more precise targeting. For example, advertisers can exclude/include their own audience lists giving them more control on who sees their ads.

Paperwork has Never Been Easier

With programmatic guaranteed there is no need to exchange any documents. (agreements/orders/invoices) This allows for conversations between buyers and publishers to be more focused on strategy rather than administrative issues.
*The Demand Side Platforms that currently integrate with’s Ad Server “Double Click for Publishers” are: Double Click Bid Manager, The TradeDesk, TubeMogul, MediaMath, and Turn

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